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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Elite Desert Entertainment Begins, Would you like to be part of the Elite Squad of Artists I'll be representing?

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Hello, Thank you for your interest in Elite Desert Entertainment. I'm Will Houser aka Karma The Drum Killa, you may or may not know me from around the scene. I've been pretty deep in the scene around the Coachella Valley since 98 - 99, Back when it was Ravers and Groovers! lol and Rebels! :) just so you know I have history in the game, not just some guy who just figured to give talent management/representation a shot! lol...

Enough about me, Lets talk about the company and what I would like to provide, Elite Desert Entertainment will represent the BEST, hand picked by me until I have someone in which I agree with their taste who I can trust to recruit only the BEST talent we can find. We are recruiting outside of the desert as well. Elite Desert Entertainment is Based out of The Coachella Valley in Southern California, but will represent artists from all over the globe at some point! :)

We as a company are looking for people with determination, good ideas, good work ethic, respectful, loyal, and dedicated staff, People willing to put real effort into this. We will succeed without a doubt, There is amazing talent out there, and with our customer and artist service which can be matched by none, We will be the providers of events, talent & more to our customers & clients. You have to come into this company with Ideas & an open mind, What Idea of mine are going to help the company succeed as a whole? What do I bring to the table? How do we get more clients, artist, venues? Who do I know that can make us that much more successful? That's whats going to make us the Premier Entertainment Provider, Not in socal, not in US, Global! :)

I sincerely appreciate you, and your time.

Thank you again and LETS MAKE THIS POPOV like Vodka! !!!!!

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