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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Boom Boom Boom and a Vrummm Vrummm! Come Shake That Butt!!

This is the Latest Remix I've Worked On It's My Version of Yolanda Be Cool - No Speak Americano! Please endulge while you enjoy the surroundings of my bloggosphere! :)

KTDK ft Yolanda Be Cool Americano Bootleg by KarmaTheDrumKilla

I also like to produce other styles of music such as Hip Hop Instrumentals this is my most popular instrumental I call it my Haunted Hip Hop Instrumental... Dig in!

Karma The Drum Killa - Haunted Hip Hop Beat by KarmaTheDrumKilla

And I can't forget my ROOTS! I'm a Certified Junglist For Life!! Dubbed KTDK by THE Junglist Mafia Crew :) Check out My Nasty Ways With Drums in a DNB Junglish Setting!

Drummy Love by KarmaTheDrumKilla

My Resident Evil Jungle Remix :

ResidentEvil 2010 KTDK DNB REMIX (bootleg) by KarmaTheDrumKilla

The Center of My Vrummm! Is of course mah Dubbbbbbstep! And Being from Brooklyn, NY originally I had to rep my favorite rapper to date Notorious BIG! So I Did it a little something like this With a remix of Kick in The door!!!! Check it out!

Notorious Big - Kick In The Door - KTDK Dubstep RMXver2 by KarmaTheDrumKilla

I'm just getting used to this blog stuff, This is my offical FIRST Post on a blog! :P I know I'm behind a bit, I didn't realize how awesome these are!!

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